Brahmi And Kharoshti Scripts

Number of Sessions: 18 (12 sessions for Brahmi and 6 sessions for Kharoshti)
Dates: 8th November to 17th December, 2021 (Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Timings: 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. I.S.T.
Fees: Rs. 3500/- (10% dicount for the Loyal students of INSTUCEN)
Resource Person: Mr. Raamesh G.R.
Medium: English

About the lectures:
Brahmi and Kharoshti scripts can be counted as two of the ancient scripts in the world.
The Brahmi script was used in a vast area of the Indian subcontinent. With time, the script changed and kept transforming into newer scripts.
The Kharoshti script, on the other hand was restricted to the Gandharan region (parts of present day north-western Pakistan and north-eastern Afghanisthan) but was the prevalent script of that region for approximately six centuries.
These 18 sessions are planned in such a way that the basic script and the later developments will be taught to the participants.

Topics to be covered:
1) Introduction to the Indian Scripts
2) The History and Origin of Brahmi
3) The Mauryan Brahmi letter
4) The Mauryan Brahmi Vowels and Joint Letters
5) The Mauryan Brahmi Inscriptions
6) The Tamil Brahmi
7) The Bhattiprolu Brahmi
8) The Satavahana Brahmi
9) The Kshtrapa and the Kushana Brahmi
10) The Pallava Brahmi and Evolution of Grantha
11) The Kadamba Brahmi and Evolution of Halekannada
12) The Gupta Brahmi and Evolution of Nagari
13) The Kharoshti letters
14) The Kharoshti Vowels and Joint Letters
15) The Kharoshti Inscriptions

About the Resource Person
Raamesh Gowri Raghavan has 7 years of experience in scientific research, especially with PCR and biochemistry skills, followed by 11 years of experience in digital marketing, adept at conceptualisation, strategizing, copywriting and execution of marketing campaigns, working well solo or in a team. He has helped bring several brands to market in memorable and award-winning ways. He is also a teacher-researcher in the field of archaeology, linguistics and epigraphy with 4 years of experience.

Important Notes
1. Once you register you will recieve an email with the whatsapp group link.
2. The Zoom link for the lectures will be shared on the group between 5:15 p.m. and 5:20 p.m. I.S.T. If you are attending through laptop or desktop, you do not need the Zoom app as you can attend through the web browser.
3. Please note that the lecture will start sharp at 5:30 p.m. After 5:35 p.m. no one will be allowed to enter in the lecture. So be present in the lecture room at least 5 minutes earlier.
4. We follow all the precautionary measures prescribed by the Ministry of Home Affairs for the security of the class. Therefore, when you click on the Zoom link, you will first come into the waiting room. Our moderators will admit you to the classroom after checking your name.
5. Please enter your name in the Zoom class exactly as you have entered it on the registration form. This will ensure you are admitted without a problem.
6. Upon entering the virtual classroom, please switch off your video and microphone. This saves distraction in the classroom and also saves your valuable bandwidth.
7. Please type all your questions in the chat box only, and the speaker will answer them.
8. Lecture recordings will be given after the lecture for 48 hours.
9. A detailed bibliography will be made available.
10. Courses purchased on the website ( will give you access to the WhatsApp group, live sessions and 48 hours recordings.
11. Students attending the live session will be eligible to access the course recordings for a period of one year on a 50% discount of the original course cost. Write to us after the completion of the course at to receive your course discount coupon.

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