Diploma In Archaeology (2022)

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Dates: 8th January to 31st December, 2022 (every Saturday)
Timings: 7:00 p.m. to 9 p.m. I.S.T.
Fees: ₹ 15000/-
Principal Teacher: Dr. Kurush Dalal with various subject experts
Medium: English

Disclaimer: We require a minimum of 30 registrations to conduct this course.

About the course:
Archaeology is the study of material culture in the present left by humans of the past. It has more to do than just the “digging” It is a multi-disciplinary studies which needs proper planning, inclination and thorough studies. This course aims to give its participants an in-depth knowledge about this field with practical training.
In all, you will realise that Indiana Jones wasn’t truely an archaeologist.

Topics to be covered:
◾Introduction To Archeology And Archaeological Theories
◾Introduction To Indian Archaeology
◾Chronological and Calendrical Dating Systems
◾Sources of Indian Archaeology
◾Dating Methods
◾Explorations and Excavations
◾Human Evolution
◾Prehistory (Paleolithic)
◾Prehistory (Mesolithic and Neolithic)
◾Indian Paleolithic
◾Indian Mesolithic
◾Indian Neolithic
◾Prehistoric Art
◾The Early and Mature Harappa
◾The Late and Post Harappa
◾The Chalcolithic Cultures of India (Non-Harappan)
◾Megalithic India
◾Second Urbanization (Part 1)
◾Second Urbanization (Part 2)
◾Early Historic Archaeology
◾South India and the Early Historic
◾Indian Ocean Littoral Archaeology
◾Early Medieval Archaeology
◾Epigraphy and Plaeography
◾Medieval Archaeology
◾Colonial Archaeology
◾Ancient Indian Art and Architecture
◾Early Medieval Art and Architecture
◾Medieval Art and Architecture
◾Colonial Indian Art
◾Colonial Indian Architecture
◾Conservation and Museology
◾Heritage Laws
◾Heritage Management

Important Notes
1. When you register, you will get an e-mail with a WhatsApp link. Please click on it, or copy and paste it in your browser to join the course WhatsApp group.
2. The Zoom link for the lectures will be shared in the group on both between 6:45 pm and 6:50 pm. If you are attending through laptop or desktop, you do not need the Zoom app as you can attend through the web browser.
3. Please note that the lecture will start sharp at 7:00 p.m. After 7.05 p.m. no one will be allowed to enter in the lecture. So be present in the lecture room at least 5 minutes earlier.
4. We follow all the precautionary measures prescribed by the Ministry of Home affairs for the security of the class. Therefore, when you click on the Zoom link, you will first come into the waiting room. Our moderators will admit you to the classroom after checking your name.
5. Please enter your name in the Zoom class exactly as you have entered it on the registration form. This will ensure you are admitted without a problem.
6. Upon entering the virtual classroom, please switch off your video and microphone. This saves distraction in the classroom and also saves your valuable bandwidth.
7. Please type all your questions in the chat box only, and the speaker will answer them.
8. If you miss the lectures due to technical glitches, recordings will be provided for 48 hours.
9. No content, textual or photographic, may be copied by the audience, or screenshots taken of them. They are the exclusive copyright of the speaker.
10. A detailed bibliography will be made available.

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Happy learning!

INSTUCEN Trust is an educational Trust and the ticket is a donation for our educational work. Please send us a request on instucentrust@gmail.com and we will issue a receipt with 80g number and our pan number.

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