How to read Inscriptions

Number of Sessions: 10
Dates: 6th March to 10th March, 2023 
Timings: 7:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.I.S.T
Fees: Rs. 1250/-
Resource Person: Ms. Yogini Aatreya & Mr. Raamesh Gowri Ragavan 
Medium: English

About the Course:


Lecture 1: Introduction- What are they, the history of the field, how are they recorded and importance – Yogini Aatreya
Lecture 2: Types of Inscriptions and the need to study them now- Raamesh Gowri Ragavan 
Lecture 3: Things to keep in mind- the formula- Yogini Aatreya
Lecture 4: Palaeography (Ashoka to Kushana)- Raamesh Gowri Ragavan 
Lecture 5: Palaeography (Kushana to Gupta and later scripts- Overview)- Raamesh Gowri Ragavan 

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