Indian Numismatics with Dr. Mahesh A. Kalra

Number of Sessions: 10
Dates: 8th November to 19th November, 2021
Timings: 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. I.S.T.
Fees: Rs. 2500/-
Resource Person: Dr. Mahesh A. Kalra
Medium: English

Course Details:
In these 10 sessions, the brief history of Indian coins, how were they made, where were they made, who minted them, what are the different types of coins, etc will be presented to you.

The basic outline of the course is as follows:
1] Introduction to Coins
2] Earliest Coins of India
3] Greek and Tribal Coins
4] Coins of the Kshtrapas and Satavahanas
5] Coins of the Gupta and post Gupta period
6] Coins of Southern India till 1800 C.E.
7] Early Islamic Coinage
8] Later Islamic and Early Colonial Coinage
9] Coins of the Princely State and British India
10] Coins of the Modern India

About the Resource Person
Dr. Mahesh A. Kalra has done his Ph.D in Arts (History) on “Deccan under the Mughals c. 1598-c.1748: Based on Coins and Inscriptions.” He is fluent in reading Arabic, Assamese, Bactrian Greek, Brahmi, Bengali, Cyrillie (Russian), Greek, Kharoshti, Persian, Sharada, Sindhi and Urdu scripts. He was the Curator of the RBI Museum Kolkata from October 2018 till September 2021. He has catalogued 430 Mughal Coins for uploading data on SMB-Berlin Website in 2015. He has been a member of numerous academic research projects and received fellowships too.

Important Notes
1. Once you register you will recieve an email with the whatsapp group link.
2. The Zoom link for the lectures will be shared on the group between 6:45 p.m. and 6:50 p.m. I.S.T. If you are attending through laptop or desktop, you do not need the Zoom app as you can attend through the web browser.
3. Please note that the lecture will start sharp at 7 p.m. After 7:05 p.m. no one will be allowed to enter in the lecture. So be present in the lecture room at least 5 minutes earlier.
4. We follow all the precautionary measures prescribed by the Ministry of Home Affairs for the security of the class. Therefore, when you click on the Zoom link, you will first come into the waiting room. Our moderators will admit you to the classroom after checking your name.
5. Please enter your name in the Zoom class exactly as you have entered it on the registration form. This will ensure you are admitted without a problem.
6. Upon entering the virtual classroom, please switch off your video and microphone. This saves distraction in the classroom and also saves your valuable bandwidth.
7. Please type all your questions in the chat box only, and the speaker will answer them.
8. Lecture recordings will be given after the lecture for 48 hours.
9. A detailed bibliography will be made available.
10. Courses purchased on the website ( will give you access to the WhatsApp group, live sessions and 48 hours recordings.
11. Students attending the live session will be eligible to access the course recordings for a period of one year on a 50% discount of the original course cost. Write to us after the completion of the course at to receive your course discount coupon.

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