Introduction to Dravidian Linguistics

Principal Teachers – Mr. Raamesh Gowri Raaghvan

Medium – English

Topics covered in the session:

1. Language families in India; origin of word Dravidian, use and abuse

2. Common grammar and structure of Dravidian languages; retroflex sounds

3. Dravidian grammatical substrate in Sanskrit; Indian sprachbund

4. GU Pope, Kamil Zvelebil and development of Dravidian lingusitic studies

5. Comparisons with Harappan (Parpola, Mahadevan), Elamite and Japanese

6. Southern Brahmi scripts, evolution from Mauryan times to Printing press

About The Speaker

Raamesh Gowri Raghavan has 7 years of experience in scientific research, especially with PCR and biochemistry skills, followed by 11 years of experience in digital marketing, adept at conceptualisation, strategizing, copywriting and execution of marketing campaigns, working well solo or in a team. He has helped bring several brands to market in memorable and award-winning ways. He is also a teacher-researcher in the field of archaeology, linguistics and epigraphy with 4 years of experience.

Introduction to Dravidian Linguistics
2.5 Hours

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