A lecture on Lunar Eclipse

Does the lunar eclipse affect us? What are super moon, red moon, blue moon? What are the phases of moon and when can we see a lunar eclipse?
A session which will answer all these questions.

About the Speaker
Mr. Hrishikesh Joglekar is a computer science post-graduate from IIT Kharagpur and works as Senior Manager at Ernst & Young. He has been actively involved in astronomy popularization activities through Khagol Mandal since 1998. As an amateur astronomer, he participated in messier marathon (an annual competition of spotting maximum Messier Objects in one single night) for 10 consecutive years, spotting 100+ objects out of 110 M-Objects at 3 occasions. He collaborated with scientists from TIFR and helped to model several events in the context of archaeo-astronomy in India. He is also attributed to discovery of oldest supernova record. He has also published research papers on mathematical models around Indus Script. In the past, Hrishikesh trained students of Astronomy Olympiad through HBCSE and has served as one of examiners for International Astronomy Olympiad. He has conducted lectures on “Advanced course on Calculations in Astronomy” for Centre for Extra-Mural Studies, University of Mumbai.

A Lecture on Lunar Eclipse
1. 25 hours

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