Origami Lanterns

Principal Teacher: Architect Padmaja Pradhan
Medium: English

Why do you need to buy the Diwali latern, when you can make your own?
You do not need much material. Papers and your hands are the only things you need to learn the technique. As you develop the skill, you can be creative and share your ideas with the community of Origami lovers all over the world.

Materials Required
Material required for the lantern workshop:
1] 6 squares of 11″ to 12 ‘’ size. The paper to have same colour on both sides.

2]A large sheet of tinted paper should give you 6 squares. All squares to be of the same colour.

3]A few coloured A4 sheets.

4]Some brightly coloured squares of 5″ to 6″ size. Printed paper is also okay.


6]A paper scoring tool – a ball point pen with a dead refill works well.

7]A 12″ scale Thread/ string for hanging

7]Long needle for threading (children may need adult supervision)

8]Fevicol or any other glue

9]Few beads (optional)

About The Speaker
Padmaja Pradhan is an Architect and a Landscape Designer. She has been doing origami since 2007 and is member of Origami Mitra since 2008. She is a visiting faculty at various colleges teaching landscape architecture and origami. She takes origami workshops in various institutes and organizations.

LECTURE 1: Stringed Lanterns
LECTURE 2: Lanterns

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Enrolled: 78 students
Duration: 4 hours
Lectures: 2
Video: 4 hours
Level: Beginner


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