The Mahabharata: Text, Context and Afterlife of the Text


Resource Person: Prof. Dr. Kanad Sinha
Medium: English

Details of the lecture

Day 1: Mahabharata: Text and Context

In this lecture we will discuss what is the Mahabharata and examine the different scholarly positions on the Mahabharata.
Identifying Mahabharata as an itihasa text will be looked at in detail and we will discuss the ideas of itihasa, history, and historical tradition. We will try to identify the creators, patrons, and the audience of the Mahabharata tradition and also look at the significance of the early narrative of the Mahabharata.

Day 2: The Mahabharata: Afterlife of the Text

In this session we will examine the importance of the didactic sections. We will also discuss “What is the Bhagavad Gita?” The Brahmanization of the text is also an important aspect to be looked at.
The Shantiparvan and model kingship will be discussed and we will finally look at the Mahabharata in regional, folk, and popular literature in this lecture.

Mahabharata: Text and Context
The Mahabharata: Afterlife of the Text

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