The Zero Argument and the false claims about Ancient India

Principal Teacher: Dr. Mayank Vahia, School of Mathematical sciences, NMIMS
Medium: English

In this two-part talk the speaker will discuss the evolution of ideas of zero. Indias were not the first users of zero either in place value system for numbers or for arithmetic. Yet India is often credited with it for introducing the world to it. The reason for this is that amongst the ancient cultures, Indian one was the most comfortable with the idea of Shunya and shunyata. In the present talk, we will explore ideas related to this.

Fame and Claim: Real and imagined claims of ancient Indian science India was a leading civilisation for many periods in the past. Such a status cannot be achieved without significant leadership in science and technology and there is much to be said in favour of some of these achievements. However, in the general fervour of nationalistic pride in our past, a lot of false claims based on false interpretation are claimed. This lessens rather than enhances the Nation’s reputation. In the present talk, we will discuss some outstanding achievements and look at how the claims of past achievement can be objectively evaluated.

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