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INSTUCEN—India Study Centre— Trust is an organisation committed to opening the vistas of studying Indian culture, civilization, history, art, languages and literature, philosophy, architecture, medical science, natural science, astronomy and mathematics. The INSTUCEN Trust (http://instucen.org), ever since it was founded in April 2010, has made waves in the field of archaeology, geology and biodiversity education and outreach in Mumbai and beyond. The Trust, formed for academic purposes is not affiliated to any university, although it has collaborated with the University of Mumbai; Sanjeevan Trust, Mumbai; Mumbai Educational Trust, Bandra, Mumbai; Prabodhankar Thackeray Kreeda Sankul, Vile Parle, Mumbai; Birla Education Trust, Pilani, and the Deccan College Post-Graduate and Research Institute, Pune for multiple programmes.

At INSTUCEN we aim to cater to the serious mind endeavouring to understand India in all its complexities and intricacies. Serious research scholars, young enthusiasts, college students and special interest groups of Indian and other nationalities are all welcome here. INSTUCEN Trust is well known for sponsoring programmes like the Annual Explorations in Maharashtra Workshop (2014-2019), the Annual Archaeology of Maharashtra (International) Conferences (2013-2018), ArchaeoBroma, the first-ever conference on the archaeology, history, ethnography and sociology of food, the annual Geology and Archaeology Mega-Exhibition, and many other workshops on Stone tools, Heritage Walks, Arabic Epigraphy and Calligraphy, Ancient Indian Games, Site Seminars on the Caves of Mumbai, and other subjects. Along with this, Excavations at Chandore, Raigad District, Maharashtra (2012-2015), Salsette Explorations Project (2015 and 2016), Playing with the Past, the first ever national conference on ancient and medieval Indian board games Glory of September, nature trails in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (2019), Archaeological Excavations at Mandad in Raigad District (2019) and a unique Tree Walk for Women at Jijamata Udyan on the occasion of Women’s Day 2020 are some of our endeavours. INSTUCEN Trust has also sponsored and otherwise supported many young researchers who have done exciting work in mapping Gadhegals in Maharashtra and Goa, studying the ethnoarchaeology of Bene Israel, and exploring and reviving Ancient Indian Games.

Adapting swiftly to changed circumstances, INSTUCEN Trust launched online lectures in April 2020 on subjects as diverse as Archaeology, Forts and Fortifications, Archaeo- Astronomy, Epigraphy, Evolution, Genetics, Literature, Numismatics, Board Games, Language and Literature, Geology, Indian Classical Music, etc. to cater to students from all fields around the humanities, arts and sciences, and all allied fields that are a delight to learn. Apart from courses in humanities and sciences, we have also hosted a myriad of guest lectures based on various topics including research done on COVID-19 in the state of Maharashtra. Over 6,000 students from all over the country have benefited from these 75 courses conducted so far. The faculty for these courses includes some of the best names in the respective fields drawn from the world of academia.

We also organised a successful event commemorating 100 years of the discovery of the Harappan Civilisation in October, 2020 with lectures by celebrated archaeologists in the field. In December 2020, we had an International E-Conference on Games designed to bring like-minded students, researchers, thinkers and aficionados of board and non-board games to discover games and highlight the new aspects of traditional games and bring more games to light from all over the world. Both these events were organised in association with the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums, Maharashtra State.

Now we step into 2021 with a roster of several certificate courses, diploma courses and special lectures ranging across several different topics.


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