Mumbai- The Mathematician’s Delight

Instructor – Dr. Mayank Vahia
Medium – English


We the inhabitants of this great city hate it for its problems but will never leave it as it no matter what, feeds us, gives us life and lives with us and through us.
A complex place difficult to understand, slippery to grasp but not for Prof. Dr. M.N. Vahia of School of Mathematical sciences, NMIMS who tries to unravel the mystery of the city through the magic of mathematics, an original effort attempted for the very first time.

Experience the new way of looking at Amchi Mumbai through the world of mathematics and learn how the city solves mathematical problems everyday – the Problems of Geometry, Numbers, Approximations, Calculating of Mean, Averages and Extrapolations, How Mumbai’s Maxima and Minima are determined and much more.

Mumbai- The Mathematician's Delight Special Lecture

Mumbai- The Mathematician's Delight Special Lecture
Enrolled: 734 students
Duration: 1.30 hours
Lectures: 2
Video: 1.30 hours
Level: Beginner


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