Instructor Bio

Bindu Urugodawatte is an archaeologist by training
with multi-disciplinary experience in Culture, Heritage
Management, Environment & Climate Change. She has worked in the sectors of Human Rights, Disaster Management, and Event Management. She worked as a curator for various exhibitions. She organised, presented, and co-ordinated various seminars, conferences, and public lectures. She also has a background in editing and technical writing along with tourism, and impact assessments. Her objective always has been to find challenging work where she can use my multi-disciplinary experience and creative problem-solving skills to find solutions for sustainable cultural, environmental, and economic future of Sri Lanka.

Teacher Courses

Archaeology & History
Get a glimpse of Sri Lankan culture in these two sessions.
Archaeology & History
15 hours
A course that shall give you glimpses of the archaeology of Sri Lanka.
10 Lectures
15 hours
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